Are you concerned your clients may know promotional products industry pricing codes?

Here’s a question I recently received via email from a promotional products distributor as well as some practical advice to keep in mind, no matter what your clients know.

Business People

“How do we deal with clients, i.e. marketing directors, purchasing agents, owners, CEO, and human resources people that know the promotional products industry codes, like (R) and go out and shop you knowing?  Most of the E-Flyers that we get from suppliers have the codes on the flyer.  HELP!!!!!!”

Here’s my advice:

These days, the answers to just about everything are searchable on the Internet. There are very few secrets. Many clients may know the pricing codes. So what? You are entitled to make a living!

Instead of focusing on the net costs that your clients may know, put your focus on the added value you can provide, such as marketing help, unique ideas, quality guarantees, creative designs, industry knowledge, faster turnaround and stand-out service. Shine in the areas you do best and put your focus there!

Forget about competing on price, it’s not a viable business model for a small distributor. You can’t be Walmart!  There will always be someone who is willing to work for less. Is that who you want to be?

Here’s a popular acronym that applies to this situation that you should keep in mind when you’re worried about losing business. I added the words in parentheses.

SWSWSWSW: Some Will (know the codes), Some Won’t (know the codes), So What? Someone’s Waiting! (to do business with you) 

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What’s your opinion? Does it matter if your clients know the promotional products pricing codes?

I’d love to hear your comments below!

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